Welcome to LeopardMark

LeopardMark is a versatile, high-performance laser marking software company that offers an advanced software package at a phenomenal price. We specialize in a low-cost “commodity” product that supports both digital and analog marking heads for popular manufacturers such as ScanLab, GSI, Cambridge Technologies.

Used by Fortune 500 companies all over the world, LeopardMark was developed by laser professionals with decades of laser marking software experience, and our laser marking software sells for a fraction of the price compared to what is available anywhere on the national or international markets today.

Our goal is to help distributors become aware of how LeopardMark can expand their customer base in the world of laser marking. LeopardMark has been used to retrofit a large variety of marking systems both old and new including JEC, Quantrad, Control Laser COPR, Corad, Lumonics, General Scanning, GSI-Lumonics, Synrad, AB, and more. This software is an economical product to offer to clients across the globe!

LeopardMark provides marking head controls for XYZ DACs, Counter/Timer, and RTC2-4/RTC-5 digital. It also supports laser controls for most of the common lasers used in marking systems including Lee Laser (Nd:YAG), Synrad, Universal Laser Systems (CO2), and IPG Photonics (Fiber).

Marked Objects and Fonts

Marked object types include: Fixed text, variable text (files, keyboard, serial port, date codes, alphanumeric serial numbers), vector graphics (HPGL), and raster graphics (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX, etc.).

Fonts include: TrueType with tunable hatch fill/kerf compensation, high speed engraving fonts, many tunable linear and 2D bar codes including IDMATRIX/UID. Tool Path Optimization is selectable for all vector marked objects.


Our product is fully compatible with Window's XP and is designed for high-speed galvanometric laser markers. The original software has an installation base of well over 3000 markers and has been on the market for almost two decades. It has been used to mark everything from auto parts and medical instruments to ICs and packaged consumer products. LeopardMark has been successfully installed and used in both job shop and assembly line environments.

Software Availability
to End-Users or OEM

Currently, this product is only available and supported exclusively through our distributors. If you are an end-user or OEM, please contact one of our trusted and experienced distributors. See our distributors.

System Integration

LeopardMark's system integration is based on object/layer architecture with support signals that include:

  • Programmable Inputs and Outputs for Start Signals
  • Write Complete
  • Part Indexing
  • PLC Integration
  • Conditional Marking
  • Abort

Support is included for external axis positioning control including:

  • XY tables (step and repeat)
  • Focus (multi-level parts)
  • Rotary (wrap text and graduations around cylinders).


Become a Distributor

If you provide lasers or optics for laser marking systems to end-users and OEMs, LeopardMark is a high-profit, quality item to consider for your product line. For more detailed information about becoming a distributor, please contact us at sales@tigermarksoftware.com.